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The Fascination with Astrology

In the 1920's, there was a big sensation in the US. Two sisters had photographed fairies flying around flowers in their garden. It was an unbelievable event. The two gave interviews and talked stuff. It was after more than sixty years that one sister revealed the whole thing was a hoax. The fairies were made of paper. Nonetheless they captured public imagination. It was something different and unbelievable, but was revealed a hoax later. But thousands of paranormal and supernatural things remain the way they are- uncanny and unimaginable. No one has explanations. All the same, people love to know more and indulge in these pursuits.

Very often we have astrologers predicting events. Most people love the opportunity to get one's palm read by an astrologer. Believe the stuff or scoff at it. But the whole idea is fascinating to humans. Many people read the headlines of a newspaper later, but read their horoscope first. Astrologers and fortune tellers may talk in deceptive and ambiguous terms. Knowing the same, people flock to them.

Science and scientists try a lot. They never come up with satisfying explanations to paranormal and psychic stuff. Human beings are a curious lot. Issues with explanations satisfy them. But things with no explanations fascinate them. Take this one. Former US presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy - Kennedy's life was very nearly a copy of Lincoln's. Both became presidents after similar victories. Held office for nearly same number of days. Both were assassinated outside a theater near their car. The name of the killer was the same in both cases. These two incidents happened more than eighty years apart. Science does not have any explanation to this. People are intrigued by such happenings.

Human minds are adventurous. Always in search of thrills. No wonder, why horror movies are so popular. Everyone knows it's all make believe. People still get white with fear inside cinemas and dream of ghosts for next few days. Calling spirits of dead people has become an industry in Britain. You have Gypsy ladies peering in a psychic glass ball and calling spirits of the dead people you want to get in contact with. Forget the common man, British aristocracy has been known to visit them more than anyone else.

Science-fiction -a word that sums up the topic. All the science-fiction novels, movies is make-believe. Nothing is real but every thing's in a proper scientific way. Giant spaceships, alien landings, UFOs kidnapping people all happen in science fiction. Actually there's a group of people in US who claim to have been kidnapped by UFOs. They believe, they have had extra-terrestrial contact. What's true, what's not only time will tell. Now if there were a time machine to travel in the future like in the movies...

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